Shutdown Events: The Largest U18 Event Brand Shaking The World

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Chris Sarchet Bell is a leading example that portrays how entertainment can be used to achieve a justifiable course. The founder of Shutdown Events, a brand that focuses on the younger market to create a platform that allows young adults and teenagers to express themselves in a fun-filled environment that is free from violence, intoxication, and all forms of social vices.

The Shutdown Events idea came into full form upon its creation in 2014, from the city of Burnley. This brand came as a follow up to the success Chris Bell and his group had achieved with their initial event company, Grenade, which created over 18 events.

Chris Sarchet decided to take the nightlife experience to the younger market, with the aim of targeting the young audience, gaining their trust and helping them prepare for the adult nightlife party. He and his team ensured that the main goal of this idea is educating young adults that they can still experience lots of fun without necessarily consuming intoxicating substances.

“We chose to attempt to handle the more youthful market to have the option to get revenue from a youthful crowd…at the point when they grew up, we would have the option to hand them off to our older age group brand, Grenade”

Shutdown’s success had already begun, and they turned into the biggest U18s driving brand in the United Kingdom. This reputation has been recognized nationwide as Chris and his team go on tour from one end of the country to the other, creating events and occasions. Also, the events usually host top celebrities and superstars, as it is an opportunity to work together as a unified entertainment industry.

“We probably unite the greatest names in the music and entertainment business…we continue to get demands from an ever-increasing number of customers requesting that we go to a town close to them”

When asked how he was able to take the brand to the next level, he said, “I was always ready to take my brand to a higher level and grow. I knew it was right to go on with my plan because now more than ever the music, live, events and concert scene is bigger and more in demand than ever, especially with the younger generation.

At this moment, I measure success through my brand recognition and getting positive feedback. So far, I have been able to achieve this effectively.”