Seeing the World Through Brighter Eyes: Bolli Blas’s Artworks Shares a Different Perspective of Society

Who would’ve thought that by backpacking through some of the poorest countries of Central America, Africa, and Asia will open Bolli Blas, an artist who creates unique masterpieces, to new experiences that will ultimately change her career and art style?

Her Own Version of Utopia 

Bolli is known for creating unique, wide-eyed characters that she features in her art. She calls these characters as Bollis, after her own name. She uses the Bollis to share her version of an utopia where there is no prejudice, hate, or war—just people from different ethnicities living together in peace. 

These big-eyed Bollis, according to the artist, look back at the viewers, serving as a mirror to modern society. 

Her Experience as Her Turning Point 

The artist’s initial perception of the world changed when she was backpacking through some of the poorest countries of Central America, Africa and Asia as she encountered people and events that opened her eyes up to the different situations of different people. 

“That’s when I met a lot of amazing people from different backgrounds, [who were] so welcoming and happy to share the little they had. They allowed me to see the world from a different perspective,” she said. 

She later used these experiences as a source of inspiration for her paintings that feature these bright-eyed characters who each have their story to tell. And by using what she saw and what she wants to see, Bolli creates art that’s meant for all kinds of audiences who are keen on interpreting her message about the world. 

“I want to create art that can be enjoyed by all the people, not just whom you would traditionally consider connoisseurs or experts in the field. I owe my art career to the people I met in different parts of the world as their company shaped who I am today. I believe in giving back and I want my life and art to bring happiness to the lives of others,” Bolli said.

Despite already being known for her colorful artworks as she has been given the opportunity to exhibit them in several countries, Bolli wants to continue exhibiting her art in new places such as smaller towns to give more people the opportunity of seeing art.

For more information, visit Bolli Blas’s website, or her Facebook, and Instagram accounts.