Sean Borg Cuts a Cool Figure at Duran Duran Concert


Sean Borg was spotted at Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa in Palm Springs last night, attending his pop hero’s Duran Duran’s show ‘Paper Gods.’

The former ‘TMZ on TV’ personality cut a cool figure dressed in 90s grunge-style-chic with a twist of modernism that consisted of the latest Gucci ‘Ace ‘GG’ Supreme’ footwear and black ‘GG’ belt, with a string of spiritual mala beads around his neck that added to his trendy ensemble.

Sean Borg arriving at Duran Duran in 90s grunge-chic with a modern day twist

The British showbiz guru, based in Los Angeles has been an avid fan of Duran Duran since the 1980s. Borg expressed his excitement by posting to his Instagram page, with delight. He said: “Had a blast catching up with friends from @duranduran last night! #duranduran #newromantics #the80s #hungrylikethewolf #wildboys

Sean Borg with ‘Paper Gods’ Duran Duran’s Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes

The Trivago guy had much to celebrate, and it seems, not only was he celebrating his Duran Duran friend’s— drummer Roger Taylor and keyboardist— Nick Rhodes’ arrival to the city of Palm Springs, the show happen to be on September, 5th— the same day as Sean’s 51st birthday.

So what’s his secret to looking so youthful? Sean said: “I drink lots of water, I rarely drink alcohol, and I get a good night’s sleep. But that sounds like an older person talking if you ask you me.”

He added: “Looking great as you get older is all about paying attention to the details—and being consistent. Things like applying moisturizer daily have a cumulative effect that becomes more and more apparent over time.”

“Men want to look good too. It’s more masculine than you think to use products these days,” he said.

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