Samsung Introduces Smooth Updates for the Galaxy A55

With the exception of Samsung, the majority of Android OEMs have embraced the seamless upgrades feature that Google first announced back in 2016. After eight years of working on the function, Samsung has finally added seamless upgrades to its Android smartphones. The Galaxy A55 is the first Samsung smartphone to have this feature. Samsung has previously stated that it was working on putting this feature on its smartphones.

With firmware version A556EXXS1AXC1, the Samsung Galaxy A55 has received the March 2024 Android security patch in India, bringing with it the seamless updates feature. As a result, after downloading an update, users will see the words “Downloading and installing” and “Verification.”

Because of the seamless updates function, you can use partition A of your phone while the update is installed on partition B, and then restart it once the installation is finished. This eliminates the need for you to wait several minutes for the installation process to finish before using your phone. Instead, it keeps the device functional during the installation and is only unusable while it is rebooting, which on the Galaxy A55 could take up to 90 seconds.

The next Samsung smartphone to receive seamless upgrades is unknown, but it’s unlikely that earlier models will be able to use it because the device must be set up for this feature before it is shipped from the factory.