SamBoad Business Group Limited CEO tells Ghanaian youth “it’s our time”

SamueL Kwame Boadu is setting an excellent pace in the world of business for many a Ghanaian youth presently seeking employment opportunities.

As Founding Chief Executive Officer of SamBoad Business Group Limited , Samuel Kwame Boadu has founded a number of wholly-owned Ghanaian companies in Micro-Credit Services, Logistics, Media and Educational Consult as well as a charity Foundation supported SamBoad Business Group Limited

Today, SamBoad Media Consult, SamBoad Express is fast growing as competitive brands on the market, generating employment for people.

Samuel Kwame Boadu was nominated 40 under 40 awards, Young Achievers Awards and Summit and other major awarding bodies making his an entrepreneur to watch and Learn from

He is ‘humbled’ by the recognition and believes this is the time for the Ghanaian youth to take the mantle of leadership.

“It’s our time and we’re lucky to have a climate that is favorable for enterprise”, he told Glob Stats in an interview. “People of our age have had this opportunity because back in years, people could not express their initiatives but now we have political stability, there is a lot of investment coming into the country and there is belief in us as a people that can do better for our country”.

Samuel Kwame Boadu is optimistic Ghana’s youth “would turn things around” in the next five to ten years.

Meanwhile, SamBoad Business Group Limited  has increased its SamBoad Express staff and riders. “  At SamBoad Business Group LLC we believe in rapid expansion because we’re not going to foreclose our business anytime soon. We’ll be in for a lifetime, that is why we did not hesitate at all in opening six branches in one day… we are in Kumasi to partner the business community and grow with Kumasi”, stated Mike Nyinaku.

The Founding CEO says the company is raising the bar in the financial  and logicti service industry, priding in its operations as the most capitalized savings and loans company in the country.

According to him, the firm is pursuing a win-win clients’ relations model in a new way of lending to sustain businesses through a strict loan disbursement monitoring system.

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