Sabina Shafi: Excelling beyond boundaries and creating a unique niche as a makeup artist

She lays out a few essentials skills that aspiring makeup artists must hone to attain massive success.

Even if we learn about different success stories from different parts of the world, doing ‘differently’ to achieve their definition of success, we would need to hold many more talks around their journeys, which can help instill more hope, positivity and inspiration in others. The grooming and makeup industry is one that has welcomed many such people, who have made a huge name for themselves across the globe, all because of their sheer grit, passion and commitment to their goals in life. Topping the list of such high-performing and rising makeup artists in India is Sabina Shafi, who hails from the picturesque Kashmir and currently resides in Delhi.

Sabina Shafi turned her life 360 degrees when she jumped from being a cabin supervisor in the aviation industry to becoming a full-time freelance makeup artist in Delhi, who spellbound people with her exceptional skills, knowledge and talents in makeup. Travelling the world, thanks to her job as a cabin supervisor, she learned how to present herself, maintain a great personality and excel at doing makeup. Sabina Shafi also learned a lot by meeting different people from almost all the corners of the world and took inspiration from them to create unique makeup looks, which further propelled her forward as a professional makeup artist.

Below, she shares a few skills that she believes aspiring makeup artists must hone to excel at their talents and gain success.

  • Creativity: The first skill that is required for excelling at any artistic job is creativity. Sabina Shafi says aspiring makeup artists need to develop a creative mindset and approach while dealing with each client, keeping in mind which makeup look can suit their personality, costume and vibe.
  • Knowledge: Having only the passion for makeup may not help individuals to gain the success they desire. Hence, Sabina Shafi suggests people to learn about makeup techniques and products, just like she did through her experiences and increasing her knowledge by learning from the different parts of the world.
  • Great communication: It is essential to hone communication as well interpersonal skills, points out Sabina Shafi, as that will help them to deal with clients effectively and efficiently and learn from them what looks they truly seek through their makeup services.
  • Originality: Great work can never be produced by duplicating or copying things, highlights Sabina Shafi. She explains that to create a unique name for themselves, people need to create their unique style and approach to doing makeup and be original, which can instantly help them stand apart from others.

Considering her makeup brush as her sword, Sabina Shafi dreams to convey the importance of self-grooming. She has excelled beyond boundaries, which has earned her a great name in the industry, working along with many well-known designers and photographers. To connect with her, visit the website, and follow her on Instagram @makeupbysabinaa.