Re-examining Your Case History

Socrates gets the exclusive credit for saying that the unexamined life is not worth living. While most of us no longer have the luxury to sit around the city square pondering over such thought-provoking philosophical thoughts, at some point in our life the notion is still worth delving into, So, what does it mean in today’s fast-paced digital world to re-examine your life?

Re-examining your life is about turning around and objectively looking at your past and what you did back then. It’s also about being aware of what you’re doing with your life right now, not only to handle what’s happening right now, but also in preparation for what you intend your future to be about. Here’s how you can re-examine your life.

How Is Your Life Going?

Living a healthy life begins with asking healthy questions. Are you living your days in ways that truly inspire you, or is there an everyday, ordinariness to it that has you feeling stuck?   If you were to choose one sentiment to describe your present state of mind, what would that be? That one answer, be it “woe” or “wow,” can be very revealing.

What Have I Learned From My Mistakes?

It’s important to notice that failure is a big part of success. In fact, if you aren’t failing enough, you’re not making the progress necessary to achieve your big pictures of success. A successful life is built on lots of mistakes where you learn lots of valuable lessons from your failures, so you can refine what you’re doing to turn those losses into wins.  If you look over the past six months or years, what have you learned from your mistakes?

What Is The One Conflict In My Life?

Everyone is essentially grappling with one core issue in their lives. It’s about a limiting decision we each came to after hearing a harsh “NO” during childhood rearing.  When you look back over the past years of your life, and the challenges you’ve experienced, what limiting decision continually shows up to stop you when it’s time for a major breakthrough? Why can’t you seem to do accomplish what you dream of achieving, no matter how hard you try?

Does Your Life Reflect Your Values?

While reflecting on the above questions, it’s important to ask yourself, “What do I truly value?” If you’re to aspire higher and live a life that truly satisfies you, it’s important that you know what’s actually important to you. Have you give this question much thought lately? Have you thought about it at all? If that’s the case with you, take some time and write down your values. And then notice if ther is any gap between your values and how you’re currently living your life.  

What Changes are Needed In My Life to Make It Better?

Finally, it’s important that ask yourself, “What habits do I currently have that hinder me from living my life as I want it to be, and what habits might I want to incorporate into your life to improve it?” Letting go of bad habits and letting go of people who hold you from realizing your unrealized potential, are key to living a life of continual victory. The fact that you’re even thinking about re-examining your life will make Socrates so proud.

All In All

Re-examining your life isn’t as tricky as it’s often said to be. In my book, The Maestro Monologue: Discover Your Genius. Defeat Your Intruder. Design Your Destiny; I give you concrete ways to help you live a life of incredible possibilities. 

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