Pursuing Entrepreneurship Abroad with Samuele Mura

I sat down with Samuele Mura and talked about his path through entrepreneurship. “My dream was to be an entrepreneur, but above all, I felt stuck and the idea of investing 3/5 years of my life in something I was not sure about scared me.

So I started to look for my path.  I immediately jumped into work. I’ve tried loads and loads of jobs. After several experiences, the first serious opportunity came in 2008 in a transport company. But after 3 years, it happened again, I felt trapped. I needed to express myself, to do it my way. I’ve spotted a gap and made a big jump.” With no money, no investors but there he was, an entrepreneur.  It was 2011 and he had just founded Traslo Service.

In 2013 after a trip to New York, Samuele Mura realized that his wonderful island, Sardinia, was becoming a bit too tight for him.

In 2014, together with his fiancée Marika, he loaded the few things they had in their car and they drove to London, Uk without looking back.  

He moved Traslo Service to London with him.

Samuele began to document his experience as an entrepreneur in the City with an Italian vlog on youtube and soon after he grew a big following of fans and supporters.

This led to new ventures and chapters in his life such as Edith Media which focus on Sports Management and Marketing.

To know more about Samuele Mura follow him on Instagram: @samuele_mura