Pop music techniques from the language of Reza jozei Ramezani:

To start training, we introduce the following two principles: the first principle is coordination and the second principle states that short and regular training sessions are more effective than intensive and uneven training sessions.

A good professional singer needs a proper and clear tone.

Because the audience will enjoy your song when they connect with your song. Voice amplification in singing is one of the most essential features of a singer because no music lover likes to listen to a singer who is out of tune and out of tune. .

Therefore, it can be said that one of the most important features of a professional singer is to be able to have a good tone when singing.

Voice amplification in singing can help you a lot in getting into the right tone, and this connection is formed when they understand the lyrics of your song.

Among other music training techniques for proper physical posture, you can control your breath by singing songs that have a long step, chin position while singing, the inner space of the mouth, and using Solfege exercises.