Poori; a new rapper from northern Iran and Turkey

In the arena of universal contempoary art, underground music is a field to express. Thoughts of singers of this style of music this discourse includes diffrent types of protest to love and hate. The test of this kind of music’s are emanating from thoughts and beliefs of its singers and their thoughts are formed in terms of their social base.

Meanwhile, with the arrival of a new wave in hip-hop around the world a evolution was formed in the new generation of persian rap.

Pooria Bashari is nicknamed Poori or Godpoori, who is one of the most influential artists of the new generation of Persian Rap.

To globalize its influence in the Persian Rap music market, Poori has gone further and has partnered with Sony Music Turkey in an official contract on the Turkish single track named “Sadece die”.

He is fluent in Persian, Turkish, Kurdish Kurmanji and creates his own works is several languages.

Besides, he has been able to attract a lot of attention in European and Turkish-speaking countries.

The lyrics of Godpoori’s music are inspired by this thoughts and ideas, as well as images and real events in the culture and situation of his place of residence.

Sometimes the subject of his poems is about the level of violence in society, and sometimes he expresses socio-protest problems, which is his main goal in rap music.

Poori finds hisself apart from the rap scene of a musician in the music profession.
He is also a businessman and a creative person in this sphere.
He has taken great risks to in fluence and register hid brand in this scene. These include to legally listen to music and the audience using music streaming platforms that give the owner the most rights.

Godpoori, who has been working for almost twelve years, has been able to attract a fast-growing and gain loyal audience. He was one of the first people to introduce the drill style in Iran and introduce the audience to the American & British drill scene.

Among his Persian Drill works, we can mention “Zakan” and among the Turkish drill works, we can mention” Sadece Die” with the cooperation of Sony and his Kurmanji drill works, which was Persian kurmanji we can mention “Benzo”.

Poori used all social networks to published his works and he is active in almost all popular social media in the world and the most important secret of his success in this field is not showing off his personal life and being far away from the margins.