Instances When Fire Watch Is Essential

Fires are extremely dangerous and have unexpected calamities. Even the slightest of mistakes can result in a big fire. Not many people are aware that a small spark gone unnoticed can turn into an uncontrolled fire that can ruin everything. Many commercial buildings and business properties get caught on fire for the smallest of reasons. This is why fire watch is a very important and essential service that every business should utilize to ensure the disaster is stopped before causing destruction. Fire watch is done by certain trained personnel that keep watch and make sure a fire is prevented or suppressed quickly. These instances must have a fire watch.

During System Maintenance

In a business premise, it is the responsibility of the company- the founders and CEOs to protect the workers under them. Under no circumstances should this protection be compromised. There are times when the automatic fire-protecting systems go under repair in a building. Many companies often tend to not place any contingencies in place when the fire detecting systems and automatic sprinklers are down in a building. This is a mistake that should never be made.  There can be grim repercussions and the company might face huge legal actions if something bad happens. As long as employees are under the roof of the company, the company is answerable. In such cases, companies can place fireguards in the building that will make sure manual fire suppressing systems are present. If the systems are down for over four hours in 24 hours, a fire watch needs to be placed.

Hot Work

Certain activities can very easily cause a fire. Any kind of hot work like welding, use of a torch, or any such machines that causes a spark are types of activities that can cause a fire with extreme ease. Huge fires often occur in such environments and they are all results of the smallest spark getting caught in a flammable substance like plastic or fabric. These kinds of fires aren’t prevented because people might not be paying attention to where the sparks are flying. When fire watch personnel are around in these areas, they keep a very keen eye to make sure that any such accidents don’t occur. If sparks are caught, they notice immediately and put it out.


All public buildings like malls, arenas, theatres, etc. always have a maximum limit for the number of people that can be there at once. But in certain cases like certain events, live shows, festivals this maximum limit is broken. People often do things that might cause a fire. Authorities should place fire watch guards when there are larger crowds in such buildings. If a firework display is involved during an event, even in an open area, fire watch personnel have to be placed.

The fire watch guards make sure that no harm is caused to any of the people. They are trained to contain the fire, call firefighters, and provide medical aid if required.