Playing the game of content marketing with the GOAT: Himanshu Goyal

This is a digital world anything can be easily found on the internet in today’s time. Content specifically is the source meant to attract and match specific products to the target audience, and the role of content marketing is to plan and execute the same.

A niche marketer or content marketer needs to be exceptionally strong in marketing plan formation, content creation, and management as well as execution of the marketing plan. Not only that, creativity plays a very important role in this field and Himanshu Goyal, a young age content/digital marketer and social media entrepreneur is quite an expert in it. Himanshu has been in the field of social media marketing for quite a long time now and is successfully running a good media agency. He has a great way of producing and marketing content for his clients and is always appreciated for the same.

Himanshu Goyal is a digital entrepreneur, born on 2nd Oct 2002, brought up and raised in the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh of India. He wasn’t a fortune-gifted child and achieved everything on his own through his passion and consistency. On asking about how he started his journey in the field of digital and content marketing, he said that he got the idea of starting an Instagram public profile of his own in the year 2016. Before that, he was engaging and managing profiles of other big businesses and creators on the platform and when he gained enough knowledge, experience, and exposure, he finally planned and started something of his own.

Talking about Himanshu’s educational background, he has completed his schooling and is currently pursuing BCA(final year) from PIMR, Indore. He’s always been a brilliant student since childhood and never believed in getting trapped in the modern-day 9-5 jobs. According to him, the traditional 9-5 jobs are a kind of modern-day slavery and he always dreamt of doing something of his own when he got to know about Instagram and its influencing power on the mass, he saw an opportunity and started investing his time on the social media platform.

Social media is very less about theoretical concepts and a lot about practical experiments and creativity. Himanshu was a perfect match for it as he’s always been very artistic and creative and since childhood loves playing some musical instruments. He has a keen interest in sports too, specifically Cricket. Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are his major idols.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he mostly followed and learned from great present-day entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos, and social media entrepreneurs like Gary Vee. When any difficult situation arises, he applies the principles of them and is very consistent and passionate about his dreams, he never believed in taking a break and kept on going forward. Now, he has immense and timeless experience in his field. Himanshu even loved to connect and work with new people all around the globe, which is a great quality of his, always helping him to improve his communication skills from time to time and that’s why he’s very well respected amongst his clients as well as competitors.

There’s not a very big gap between the life we dream and the life we live, it’s just a matter of how passionate you are for your dreams and Himanshu proved that right by building everything from scratch and transforming from a no-one to a great social media sensation! He started his journey by managing the social media accounts of others and now he has a great follower base of millions, which is a big achievement for his age.

Himanshu is a complete package of creativity, hard work, smart work, and managerial as well as entrepreneurial skills. He sees no competition from anyone as according to him, the only competition he has is with himself only and hence he keeps on upgrading his skills from time to time to stay updated with the present as well as future technologies in the field of social media and digital marketing and that’s the best thing any budding entrepreneur should learn from him!