Peabo J, young Pop Artist makes headlines with his impressive line of work varying from dance pop to R&B

Peabo J has really come a long way in the industry.
His massive hits and victories are an inspiration that we can all learn from.
Hailing from Selma, Alabama, Peabo J started exploring his interest in music following the footsteps of his father.

Through the years he has worked hard on his natural gift to be a better version of himself Peaobo J’s music delivers variation of styles inspired by Michael Jackson to Usher. It ranges from dance pop, Blues and soulful R&b which never fails entice the public. His work has made it s way to people’s heart and the excellent feedback and Accolades are the feathers to his cap.
Peabo J’s “Freak 4 you” was not only a song that made the industry as well as the Audience aware of his musical abilities but also garnered over a million views on YouTube making it one of the biggest hits of the season.
His pop dance beat and top 40 hit “Party the night away.” Boasts great reviews and is one of the finest of his compositions.

His latest single gained over 80k views within no time making him one of the most popular artists of our time.

Peabo J’s journey is a true example to persistence being the key, teamed up with talent can breed success.

He is set to release is new EP in 2021 and we can only look forward to a musical experience of lifetime.