Origins as a Logistics Company Gave the Top Tier Group a Leading Edge for Distributing PPE

There is no denying that the global COVID-19 pandemic created multiple obstacles for everyone around the world. Top Tier Group Inc. was on the frontline of the pandemic and experienced firsthand the unprecedented demand for medical supplies, not just in North America but worldwide. Having supplied over 1.8 billion PPE products since the beginning of the pandemic, it is no surprise that the Top Tier Safety Supplies division is the company’s current specialty. Founder Michael Theodorou discusses what the pandemic has meant for the entire Top Tier Group, including obstacles and expansion.

When Demand Outweighs Product Inventory

One of the biggest obstacles most medical supply companies faced during the pandemic was the shortage of PPE and medical supplies. As a result, there was a lot of pressure placed on these companies to meet the high demand, and Top Tier Group Inc. was not exempt from the scrutiny. Due to the company’s success during the pandemic, it is now a global brand, and a lot of the success can be attributed to Theodorou and the Top Tier Group employees learning how to adapt to situations, constantly innovating, and adapting.

Top Tier Group sells its PPE and medical supplies strictly online at this time, which has been extremely successful for them. Amidst the current restrictions of the pandemic, selling online has been the easiest and safest approach to provide quality products to consumers. Not only has the pandemic been the reason for selling products online, but due to the larger inventories of product and massive orders the company fulfills, sticking to an online shopping format has made the most sense.

The Future of Top Tier Group Inc.

Theodorou explains that Top Tier Group is not just a business, but a conglomerate with multiple aspirations and divisions. The company began as a logistics company and has adapted to what it is today. The pandemic taught Top Tier Group that in order to survive, there must be diversification in the overall strategy.

Right now, the company is in mergers and acquisitions mode, with big plans for the future. Top Tier Group also has its eye on entering the real estate and land development sector, with further plans to increase the current product offering to 250,000 products in active inventory, expanding to warehouses worldwide to meet the needs of those seeking PPE and medical supplies in the post-pandemic world. Although in business for ten years, the popularity of Top Tier Group took off in 2020, and Theodorou plans to ride this wave toward international success.