An unconventional online platform with better influence on society than even the best of the best of social media

To build up a library is to create a life. It’s never just a random collection of books.

                                                                                                                – Carlos María Domínguez

It is often said that the best gift to humankind was the invention of books and literature. It is the library that holds the treasures of all the records of art, culture, and history of different eras. By reading and discussing this wealth of literature, we not only get to understand the perspectives of others from across time and place, butwe also get the chance to implement and improve upon the good ideas. Book clubs have consistently been a place to discuss these ideas that can impact societies. For example, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, continues to influence American culture today. It In the current digital era, it was natural that such a medium would be transitioned onto the internet too. Scott Hughes helped pioneer this transition when he launched OnlineBookClub back in 2006. OnlineBookClub was an important technological advancement as now millions of people would have a common platform to read and discussliterature and books. Not only is it a financially viable option but also an effective one when it comes to spreading the message of the literature.

According to Scott Hughes, his intention with the project was never about financial gain, instead, it has always been about joining as many communities as he can so their collective consciousness could benefit society. OnlineBookClub provides forum creation, sharing, and joining services that can be instantly accessed by direct signup or through mail and social media. The best part is that joiningis totally free. OnlineBookClub providescommunity of readers, experts, and others with whom you can interact with to share  thoughts and exchange ideas to broaden your perspective. As of now, OnlineBookClub has a thriving community of more than two million people, a number whichis consistently rising. The website currently has global access so it can be joined by anyone from anywhere in the world. OnlineBookClub also has interactive features such as book season celebration events, monthly and weekly events, and others. As such, it perfectly integrates technology, literature, and readers to create an active and thriving environment for book enthusiasts.  OnlineBookClub is all about exposing oneself to new ideas and interacting with others who may have different opinions on common topics without judgment. You can visit the OnlineBookClub at and join the forums at Scott Hughes interacts with thecommunity through his social media at, Instagram: @scott_hughes/ or Twitter: @scottmhughes.