“Not avoiding pain”- the wind beneath Alessa Berg’s wings

Alessa Berg, the founder and CEO of Top Tier Impact – an impact investment and management company of remarkable fame – stands out as a self-made leader, an environmentalist and a successful brand herself. Contributing to the growth and evolution of sustainability across most economic sectors was a natural and gradual journey for Berg. Her entrepreneurial spirit as an 11 year old who resold books and toys in front of exhibitions was nurtured and kindled to finally result in Top Tier Impact and turn that into the name it is today.

Top Tier Impact is a company that has pioneered the assessment of impact projects for investors and corporates that plan to allocate capital to sustainable businesses. It has an international reach across over 45 countries and different business units. TTI’s strategy business works with publicly-listed companies on climate risk scenario planning (TCFD) and net-zero energy strategy. Their investing unit covers impact companies from early-stage all the way to pre-IPO. Alessa Berg is also frequently approached as an advisor and board member to growing brands, expanding her entrepreneurial insights to create a better future.

Meaningfulness and purpose have always been part of Berg’s motivation. Her vision for a more sustainable economic paradigm led her to connect impact investors globally to share knowledge among each other. When asked about the inspiration for her work and efforts, she states, “I think this inspiration comes down to freedom and positive impact. Freedom of creative expression. Positive impact on my environment, I see the whole world as that environment.”
Alessa Berg’s optimism has undoubtedly been the driving factor of her achievements. But sometimes, light does not appear until the end of a tunnel. As she reminisces, “When it comes to the motivation that used to drive me during hard times – it’s okay to admit that we are often motivated by wanting to avoid pain, not just inspiration.” And learning “not to avoid pain”, as Alessa puts it, directed and defined her struggles towards creating a better life – not only for herself but for the whole world. Today, the painful consequences of erratic material productions on the environment have driven her to find beauty in sustainability, to replace the most damaging scenarios with circular procedures.
Berg’s breakthrough occurred in proving sustainability to be financially viable. With her in-depth knowledge of governance systems and prior experience in the investment industry, she leveraged cognitive science to identify the needs of the future and to work towards this cause relentlessly. In the process, her innate ability to replace pain with progress remains a substantial strength. Alessa Berg and Top Tier Impact are indeed an inspiration for many to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and leave a positive mark on their environment.