New Program Announcement

Advantage English School EJ is pleased to announce that our new Work and Study (Tourism and Hospitality) Program has approved by PTIB (Private Training Institution Branch). This is a program that is truly unique to Whistler and was inspired by the culture and lifestyle that surrounds this special resort.

The program also allows for a 1-year work visa with no age restrictions other than a minimum age requirement of 16 years and a high school diploma. Suitable for someone who is looking to gain an understanding of the industry while getting paid or for those who are already in the industry who want to gain more in-depth insight into their field of specialization.

We hope to introduce and inform students about the “World’s largest and oldest industry” and to ensure that students will learn, participate and succeed.

Our goal is to combine a first-rate education with the training from experts to ensure that students will have the most rewarding experience.

Students who enter our Work and Study Tourism and Hospitality Program will have several advantages. The Sea to Sky region is a mecca for adventurers and nature-lovers and draws people from all areas of the globe. It is a four season resort and almost every sporting activity can be enjoyed while hosting several world-class events throughout the year. In addition, the region has become a centre for Tourism and Hospitality and is the ideal place to understand the industry while being surrounded by true experts. Students have the opportunity to network 2/3 with specialists and business leaders in their fields which can lead to new opportunities and further their potential.

We promise that we will do everything we can to make your learning experience in North America’s #1 Ski Resort, one that is full of memories, achievement and personal growth.

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