Nate Jeal and Bao-Tran Nguyen Possess Resumes Most Could Hardly Dream Of

Co-founders of Smile Co and Dental Authority Marketing, Dr. Nate Jeal (@drnatejeal), and Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen (@dr.baotran) have quickly become two of the most reputable dentists in Manitoba.

Patients from all walks of life flock to their several practices for their mastery of the dental profession and excellent customer satisfaction rating, but it might be their entrepreneurial spirit responsible for the majority of their successes. 

Not only are Nguyen and Jeal top providers of dental solutions to Manitobans, they are also recognized leaders in the industry across North America. This power couple has acquired, grown, and transformed multiple dental practices, driving improvements in operations, marketing, communications, and culture.

Many would choose to relax after opening several successful dental practices, but this duo is anything but ordinary. They decided to use their years of experience in the field to help other experienced dentists achieve transformative growth with their consulting group Dental Authority Marketing. 

On top of helping patients and clients with their high-performing companies, the two have developed, led, and presented seminars from coast to coast on topics and with teaching materials developed and tested in their own real-life businesses.

The two are constantly working to build a trusting relationship with their clients and have taken customer relations to new levels by utilizing both traditional and new media channels to the fullest, amassing a huge local following in the process. Nguyen and Jeal have become experts in communicating with their clientele. 

“Being able to have a conversation as equals with both patients and fellow doctors is one of my biggest secrets to success,” said Nguyen.

Slowing down isn’t an option for Nguyen or Jeal. While they love to travel and enjoy new experiences, the allure of working to help dental patients and up-and-coming dentists is too much to overcome.

“Working at what you enjoy and are good at really does offer a lot of freedom so why would I ever stop?” says Nguyen.

Jeal echoes her saying, “there’s no reason to stop working if you can focus exclusively on what you’re passionate about by eliminating tasks that someone else can do better.”

With so much passion for what they do and a zeal for hard work, Jeal and Nguyen are constantly growing their businesses, striving for both personal and broader community betterment. Their current projects include adding another dental practice to their business repertoire, expanding their marketing options for dentists across the English-speaking world, and launching a new book on practice success and expansion into custom consulting for select dentists by application. 

Jeal and Nguyen have a book out right now called “Fast Growth Practice,” which takes readers into their practical protocols for business and daily life. Be sure to be on the lookout for it.

To learn more about this entrepreneurial dynamic duo, follow them @drnatejeal and @dr.baotran.