‘My Black Rose’ Successfully Captures A Journey Of Wins & Losses

Author Deblina Bhattacharya releases her latest anthology collection, ‘My Black Rose’, along with Mithaas Publishers. This book is a collection of poetry that takes the readers through a journey of the author’s life. The book is a poetic tale narrating how experiencing failures motivated the young poet to keep moving forward.

Deblina released her second book as an inspiration for young adults after the positive reception of her maiden work, ‘Knots.’ The book attributes the key defining moments in the author’s life and explains how she courageously moved forward despite having to face failure and obstacles. These poems offer the readers a rewarding journey filled with both hope & despair. 

Deblina wrote ‘My Black Rose’ with the aim of sharing her journey, both the good and bad parts and the key role of having something as simple as ‘hope’ helped her come through. “Hope, in my eyes, is a beautiful thing. And if there is one thing this world needs, especially in times like this, it is hope.” said Deblina, speaking on her latest launch. She also spoke about how she would love to help inspire her readers. “People are usually going through tough times of their own. I hope my book can help them seek & find a light.”

Her previous book ‘Knots’, which was an Amazon bestseller, explores the realities of mental illness & suicide, social taboos & violence against women, pain & darkness, self-love & healing in all its naked glory. But ‘My Black Rose’ is far more personal, which is why it connects better with her readers.

In ‘My Black Rose,’ Deblina doesn’t shy away from laying out her failures bare for her readers. The book encompasses her vulnerability yet also demonstrates the strength required to come out from the worst times. The fact that there are both the ugly and beautiful aspects of life is what makes the book more relatable for the readers.

While ‘Knots’ acts as a guide for her readers to untangle the various realities of important issues, ‘My Black Rose’ is comfort & hope dressed in simple words and carefully structured analogies. Here, Bhattacharya got the readers thinking in directions that they wouldn’t have considered before.

Besides her books, a lot of Deblina’s work can also be found through her Instagram page @author_deblina, where she shares her thoughts, life lessons, words of inspiration, and more. Over the years, Deblina’s inspiring work and her commitment to writing on a daily basis have amassed a following of over 5,000 people with whom she constantly engages. 

Besides writing, at just 22 years of age, Deblina Bhattacharya chose her path as a mental health advocate. Her writings usually reflect her choice to be a voice for those who struggle. She makes sure to emphasize the fact that struggling with mental health issues is nobody’s fault and is something that cannot be helped. She continues working against the taboo that surrounds mental illnesses. Despite the huge struggles, Deblina firmly believes that our journey can soon be filled with light, laughter, healing, and hope.

To know more about Deblina Bhattacharya, and purchase a copy of ‘My Black Rose’ visit: bit.ly/MyBlackRose