Music Photographer Sam Verbisky Releases Stunning Video “Chaos Theory”

Sam Verbisky is a Canadian music and tour photographer who has set the line between regular and innovative. His work is inspiring, special and fresh and he confirms it with his latest “Chaos Theory” video.

The 2019 video series is an artwork with many different meanings and so many elements but all reflect life, chaos and then music.

The video begins with the chaotic imagery of life and the world, but then it shows music events from around the world and how people feel and react to the music’s sound and call.

Chaos theory not only incorporates music concerts and dance acts but also contains elements of nature and life to complete a product that reflects all ways of life, the involved, the calm and the moments that leave us puzzled. With its strong material both in audio and video, the video simply appreciates the colors of life and music.

The video is original, fresh and uplifting whilst the audio adds a poetic personal touch. Particularly for video photography, it is a modern piece that connects life with music and reflects their relationship in a whole new way and marks a new age in digital space. In the world of digital content creation, there is so much to do and explore; there are so many possibilities. The field can take so many forms; it can tell so much in so many ways and give new life to the field of videography.

The video features some of the biggest dance music acts and music festivals around the globe like Tomorrowland, Ultra Korea from Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Belgium, USA, Canada and many more. This video is a must-see and features artists like Skrillex, Madeon, Don Diablo, Porter Robinson, Throttle, Mesto, Ares Carter, Lost Frequencies, and CID.

Similar to its meaning, the year was also quite difficult and hectic for Sam and his team as he had to go back and forth and visit many countries to cover different artists and music concerts. A video of this caliber and creativity was not possible without efforts.

The talented artist has already worked with GRAMMY-winning record producer FLUME and has been on tour with some of the biggest names in the industry. Seeing his incredible new digital work, we hope to see more creative digital content by the artist in the future.

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