Mohit Verma: A full-time techie with a passion for photography, lifestyle & travelling

A boy with an aim to do something in the world of technology, took admission in an engineering college to become a mechanical engineer. Little did he know then, that life will make him come out of that one area of interest & foray him into other areas as well where he will show his prowess. Mohit Verma is an inspiration to so many out there, who first start their education into one subject & then slowly & gradually get their hands gripped into various other areas of interest as well & make a career out of it.

This 23-year-old guy’s journey has been one hell of a joy ride with first starting his career as a tech blogger & influencer on social media by giving out his preferences & ideas in lifestyle, photography, fashion & travel.

Mohit began writing articles on the latest mobile devices launched & started his journey as a tech blogger around five years ago. He efficiently managed both his studies & writing blogs & with all of that also started influencing on social media. Guess, Mohit liked managing many hats on his head & is still doing that.

On Instagram, Mohit consistently started posting videos & pictures of day-to-day fashion & soon became a sensation in himself with his followers loving his work. Since the past five years, Mohit has been donning the hat of not just a real techie but, also an influencer & a blogger. His journey till now has been quite fruitful & amazing looking at the fan base this young guy has garnered each passing day with his work.

And to keep up with his strong follower base, Mohit like an actual blue professional work before & after office hours for being consistent in posting stuff on his favourite medium Instagram. Mohit also takes out time from his busy schedule to shoot during weekends to offer relevant stuff on his social media handles. You can follow him as well-

Mohit believes that individuals can get drawn in the world of blogging with several new ways & at the same time; also acquire rich information & knowledge from the medium. At only 23, Mohit already worked with big brands like Koovs, Samsung, Amazon, Yahoo & Nissan & in return even received a great response from not only the brands but also the audiences.

Talking about his journey so far, Mohit said, ‘I loved it all. The perspiration, the pressure, the battle, the surge, and the adrenaline. It made me acknowledge how much more determined I needed to be to succeed. What’s more, that is the thing that I did and keep on doing.’