Modern Infrastructure & Earthmoving Equipment

The demand for modern infrastructure according to the Times which released a an article on Earthmoving Equipment has grown exponentially like never before mainly attributed to the advancing technologies that are being incorporated into these machines. Nowhere else according to the report is this phenomenon starker than in India. India is one of the fastest rising economies in the world second to maybe only China and the demand domestically for excavators of all types and sizes has been so immense that almost every heavy equipment manufacturer has been compelled to look into the Indian market and develop new business models that would increase their share of the pie in the global excavator market. The government of the nation itself has introduced a variety of schemes including excavator rental and excavator for hire services for government sanctioned Housing, PMAY and Smart Cities among others which will not happen without construction equipment industry. According to the report which followed suit a publication by Business Wire, India’s real estate is burgeoning and manufacturers that do not take heed of this demand are bound to lose their market position within the global context. The report also revealed the heavy equipment that according to the report are in top demand.  

The demand for excavators of various types is unprecedented not just in the Indian market, but across the globe according to market insights and industry researchers. The fact that these machines that once upon a time used to be as simple as simple gets consisting of a base cabin and a long hydraulic arm with a bucket attached at the and capable of rotating 360 degrees has transformed. The advances in technological innovation has made these machine more capable than ever before as they are able to perform the tasks of other heavy duty construction equipment such as drilling, cutting and compacting apart from the usual demolition, heavy lifting, digging, trenching and grading among others.

Nest up in line based on demand are backhoe loaders that generally used to be equipped with a shovel in front and a bucket attached to the rear end. These machines are currently capable of doubling as excavators as they too are capable of other functions due to auger attachments that may be fitted with hydraulic attachments. Just like the mini excavators, there are also a range of smaller backhoes that have taken their needs to urban areas. The newer models are fitted with retractable buckets that can be removed and replaced with other types of attachments that are required for other construction tasks. Finally, the most popular among the machines is the backbone of construction used to clear land, the bulldozer. This machine is deemed as the most heavy-duty machine that one may observe at a construction site at the initial stages as these machines are capable of moving large amounts of dirt to pave the way for construction activities to commence. All reports so far examined by industry analysts point towards growth within the context of heavy duty construction machines.