Mina Habchi and her Latte Art Challenge

Who enjoyed its coffee better with a heart drawn on it? Making a perfect latte art with steamed milk is not as easy as it looks like and this is the challenge the fashion and lifestyle influencer Mina Habchi has been trying to do every day over the past few weeks on Instagram.

Oh Gosh… This became such a trend and a challenge on my Instagram. It all started when I got rid of my Nespresso Coffee machine to upgrade to a more professional Sage Barista coffee machine. This machine has all the tools to make steamed milk, foam etc… so I decided to get started on drawings and hopefully become a professional one day.” says Mina Habchi.

When I tried the first time, it was such a terrible mess. I started sharing it on Instagram, and every time I would make a coffee, I would straight away post it on my Instagram stories. My followers started loving and being addicted to my daily “progress”. Every day I would ask my followers to vote if my Latté Art would look like a heart. Consequently, coffee drawing had become the main focus on my Instagram and my followers started sharing their performance and drawings. It went viral. The Instagram challenge came very naturally and I actually got to start some Live videos with local coffee shops to learn how to do the “Latté Art”.“ adds Mina Habchi.

“The coffee industry is a very interesting one. I got to discover so many different coffee beans, their origins, and their different flavors. I then watched many documentaries on coffee production and coffee roasteries. I actually went to one of them in London, called Exmouth Coffee Roasters. It was a very interesting and cool experience.” says Mina

Mina Habchi shared on an Instagram post some of her latest “Latté Art” attempts (https://www.instagram.com/p/CKjn90QnIOD/). She is now asking everyone to participate and show their performance.

Meanwhile, we hope Mina will become a master of latte art one day.

To discover and vote for her latte art, or to keep it up with fashion trends, you can follow Mina Habchi on her Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/minahabchi) or read her blog on which she posts regular articles on travel, lifestyle and fashionable outfits (https://minahabchi.com/).