Meet Tejaswini Mishal, an inspirational success story as an astute process coordinator

Hailing from a small village to now making her career as a process coordinator, Tejaswini Mishal has come a long way.

When people speak about the emergence of females across industries and fields, they also mention about how resiliently and passionately they moved forward in their quest to create a flourishing career for themselves. They have acted as powerful forces and have taken their chosen niches to exponential levels of success in a very short span of time as experts and professionals. We came to learn about one such highly passionate and driven professional named Tejaswini Mishal, a name that has been inspiring many other girls out there who have been vying to make their careers in the fields of their choice.

Who is Tejaswini Mishal, you ask? This passionate woman hailed from a small village named Dondaicha in Maharashtra and was born in a middle-class family. However, her quest to improve her and her family’s lifestyle and do something that she could be proud of always made her stand out from others her age. From childhood, she was ambitious for her work and became a school and college topper. Tejaswini Mishal did her Diploma in the E&TC branch from Ahinsa polytechnic and engineering from VIIT College, Pune.

Soon after completing her education, Tejaswini Mishal worked as an intern in website designing and, in 2018, also got selected in Pride Group as a PHP developer. Today, she comes into the pioneer committee, which is a top committee of the company. Tejaswini Mishal has become a true inspiration to other girls as a process coordinator. She attributes her success to her hard work, loyalty, dedication, and passion for all that she chose to do to up her career in the industry.

Tejaswini Mishal today, as the process coordinator, has been changing the game in the industry, helping her to create her unique niche in the same. She also credits her success to her mentors Mr Sudendu Shah and Mrs Preeti Shah, who helped her believe in herself and encouraged her to give her best always. 

The astute process coordinator changed the course of her life and has motivated other young girls to do the same to achieve all their dreams and goals in life.