Meet Marco Calamassi Whose Extraordinary Skills Are Making Influencers Rich

What does being a digital entrepreneur mean in today’s society ?

Being a digital entrepreneur, today, means having a chance to innovate. Enhance and expand an economy that is not stalling per se but it just changed its pace and shape, as a consequence of the Internet takeover. Besides being an entrepreneur I take pride of mentoring other young and proactive individuals in transitioning their business from the offline to the online.

How did you succeed in scaling your business and obtaining success ?

A single word: resilience.

Business ventures are scary at first, you are faced with demons and failures and missed objectives and It eventually makes you doubt your qualities and resources. I spent many years “behind the scenes”, alone with my mind and ideas and projects, successes and failures. Today I spend most of my time guiding others through a proven process to follow step after step.

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