Meet Jonathan Kung, a physician who has gone beyond boundaries to create a well-rounded lifestyle

He is more than what meets the eye and has attained success as a doctor with having passions for multiple other niches.

Isn’t it great to know and learn about all those people who believe in doing the different and pushing the limits to create a unique career for themselves? Well, the world is filled with many people like these who have shown what true hard work and resilience can do for them in making a strong career for themselves. One such name that has been doing exceedingly well in the medical industry is Dr Jonathan Kung; however, there is more than what meets the eye for this talented physician. He exudes great passion for multiple other niches as well like fashion, lifestyle, fitness and travel, etc. which has further propelled him in the industry.

Dr Jonathan Kung is a well-known and board-certified Gastroenterologist, who has attained training in advanced interventional endoscopy and currently, serves as the Assistant Professor of Medicine with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in Manhattan, the US. Not just that, Jonathan Kung has also made his name unique in the industry as probably the only physician who is also an entrepreneur, speaker and athlete.

Jonathan Kung has a passion for improving upon the quality of patient’s life with not only his passion for medicine but also with medical missions, philanthropy, fitness, an active lifestyle, expression through fashion, and promotion of general physical & mental health wellness, which has made him much more renowned and respected in the field. He has always maintained saying that along with his passion for treating his patients with his knowledge in Gastroenterology; he has also discovered the power of strengthening the mind and body in helping oneself and his patients.

He is also an advanced soccer player and boxer and has shown keen interest in basketball, resistance training and martial arts as well. Through all this, he wants to spread across the message to all his patients and others to stay active and live a life that will only lead them towards better health and happiness.

Jonathan Kung also takes out time to connect with people on social media to influence them positively towards better health and lifestyle.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @jonny_kay.