Meet Jenny Brooks, CEO of International Loops

From being a high school dropout to owning a multimillion dollar company, Jenny has come a long way.

Jenny, after she dropped out of high school, has been her own motivation, all through her career. From being a waitress, to a stay at home mom who sold on eBay, to becoming the CEO of a multimillion dollar company, International Loops, she has strong work ethics with a go-getter and want it all attitude.

Her best advise to all those starting a career in her company, International Loops is being persistent in whatever you do. She does not believe in having a mentor to achieve goals. She has no mentors, though she looks up at people who are killing it in life, literally. Her productivity hack is having no days off. Her next major milestone is taking the entire team and her company to numbers which seem impossible for them, help thousands skyrocket their social media game, and their income.

Family is one of the company’s top core values, where there is a personal investment in the success of each and every team member at the company.

Excellence in serving others, by continuously going the extra mile and exceeding expectations of the clients, customers and partners is the second core value of the company. This means pushing one another to go beyond the unexpected and deliver an outstanding outcome, wowing the clients and fellow team members.

Focus and Discipline is the third core value of International Loops. “A palpable feeling of energy, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude is prevalent amongst all team members, where they are willing to work long hours to deliver exceptional results that exceed the expectations of our clients, partners and colleagues. Nothing is put off for tomorrow, if it can be accomplished today is the mantra of all employees at the company.” says Jenny.

The fourth core value is being relentless, that is completely driven to succeed, tenacious and not quitting until goals have been achieved is what all the employees follow at International Loops. “Passionate in whatever we do, by finding ways to help our clients, partners and customers achieve success makes us relentless in achieving our goals. We ensure that we accomplish anything that we take up as there are no limits in achieving our goals, thus contributing to the individual and the company’s success,” concludes Jenny.

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