Meet Dr. Rahul Shah PT DPT, the ace Physical Therapist everyone talks about and wants to know his story

He serves as a Physical Therapist at a Hospital Associated Outpatient Facility in Indiana, USA. He also tutors for the National Physical Therapy Licensing Exam at NPTE Final Frontier; leading exam prep program for NPTE across the globe. To his accolades, he also runs an Educational YouTube channel, is a National-level Athlete and Coach.

It is wonderful to learn about all those individuals who, before securing success, work towards clinching excellence. These individuals make sure to cross boundaries and create their unique niche by inspiring greatness in their respective fields through their incredible work and visions. Especially many youngsters have come forward to take specific industries to the next level of success, thriving on their incredible ideas, passion, work ethics, knowledge, and expertise. Similarly, we have here another young talent named Dr. Rahul Shah, who has been making a lot of buzz around him, and his works as a physical therapist is a sensation to many.

Talking about his journey, Dr. Rahul Shah was born and raised in Pune, India, and grew in a very humble family. He attained a B.P.Th from Sancheti Institute For Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Pune, following which he worked as a Senior Physical Therapist Consultant at Healyos- The Physio Experts. In 2018, Dr. Rahul Shah moved to Michigan, USA; to pursue his DPT from Andrews University. In January 2020, he qualified his National Licensing Exam to practice as a Physical Therapist in the US.

Currently, Dr. Rahul Shah works as a Physical Therapist at the Lutheran Health Network in Indiana. After his licensing exam, he reveals he began working as a Tutor and Content Expert at NPTE Final Frontier (NPTEFF), a National Licensing Prep Course Program. Apart from that, to spread his knowledge and insights, Dr. Rahul Shah began his YouTube channel (, which so far has gained extreme popularity. However, the ace Physical Therapist did not stop here; he went ahead to start and found his own further passion by establishing ‘ KARTWHEEL’ Physical Therapy and Wellness Services, which provides online catering to the under served population that deserve therapy at an affordable price with a uniqueness of being provided in multiple languages. This seems to be one of the most pioneering ideas in the field of telehealth.

Dr. Rahul Shah confesses how he always felt a close inclination towards sports right from an early age. This helped him represent at National Level Basketball and Soccer. He was even awarded the Best Shooter at National Basketball games. Going further in his quest to become a professional athlete, he even became a FIFA-CERTIFIED International D-level Soccer Coach.

So far, he has multiple publications to his name and has presented and co-authored different researches at multiple podiums and different Paper Presentations at several National and International Conferences. He seems to be the one that would not stop as he exclaimed that his motivation comes from believing that ‘Learning is a never-ending process’ and that ‘At every finish point, it is just the beginning of a new route’ which he learnt from his family.

There is so much more that Dr. Rahul Shah aims to do in the upcoming years as a Physical Therapist and inspire several young minds across the world. Till then, follow him on Instagram @rahulshah007.