Meet co-owner of the company FeriBoyz – Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes

Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes was born in the Netherlands and raised in St. Eustatius. His mother raised him with more faith than fear. That’s why his childhood was peaceful and filled with love. His family has always inspired him to be the best version of himself and he owes them a lot.

He has become a multi-talented artist and entrepreneur. Giuliano is a photographer, videographer, entrepreneur, and music artist. He has worked hard on his dreams and made them a reality. Giuliano’s creativity is next level, his creative vision and entrepreneurial have made him a success.

Lopes heads the TwichStudio, specializing in high energy photoshoots, still photography, and video production.  Because of his extremely sharp photography skills he has worked with numerous high-profile artists such as Kymani Marley and Trent Shelton.

His creativity doesn’t stop here, he is also the co-owner of the company FeriBoyz. The brand specializes in selling designer fashion, beauty, and health products. Lopes is the creative head of the company bringing innovation and vision to the project.

But along with that he also has a strong entrepreneurial acumen. He has contributed to the growth of FeriBoyz and helped it to expand its presence in the global marketplace.

Other than being a photographer, videographer, entrepreneur, Giuliano Lopes also displays his artistic talents as a hip-hop artist. He is also a songwriter and performer on the Darkside Muzik label.

He recently released his first song, “Sick of This ft. Krosss.” He draws his inspiration from life experiences and the global community. Lopes wants to make music that inspires people and tells their stories.

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