Maritime Day 2022: Theme, History, Significance, and Posters

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Every September, the final Thursday is dedicated to honouring the maritime industry, and in this year, 2022, that day will fall on September 30. This holiday is held in honour of the contributions made by those who labour in the maritime sector. The Latin word “maritimus,” which means “of the sea,” is where the word “maritime” in English comes from.

The day promotes understanding of and appreciation for the contributions made by sailors, service personnel, and maritime officials. Due to the lengthy working hours and the sacrifice of being away from home, the marine life is extremely difficult.

Theme for World Maritime Day in 2022

New technologies for greener shipping is the focus of the 2022 World Maritime Day. With the goal of promoting a green transition of the maritime industry into a sustainable future, this theme has been chosen. It focuses on spreading awareness about the value of a healthy maritime industry and the need to construct a stronger and more sustainable one after the epidemic.

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History of World Maritime Day in 2022

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) was established in 1948 to manage activities and transactions in the maritime industry. The responsibility of the IMO is to oversee technical cooperation, environmental regulation, legal remedy, and worker safety.

On March 17, 1978, the inaugural World Maritime Day was observed to commemorate the creation of the IMO Convention.

2022 World Maritime Day: Importance

The following are the major priorities for IMO going forward:

  • promotion of marine development and sustainable shipping.
  • IMO is supported by the creation and use of international standards addressing many concerns.
  • establishing the institutional structure necessary for a worldwide maritime transportation system that is sustainable and green.
  • addressing challenges including innovation, new technology, and energy efficiency.
  • encouraging the growth of maritime infrastructure, maritime security, maritime traffic management, and maritime education and training.