Mansour Tawafi: A prominent network marketer, a dynamic leader, a flourishing entrepreneur and a fintech giant

Establishing international businesses, consulting on fintech projects and organically growing a network worldwide, all in a day’s work for Mansour Tawafi

Some say If knowledge is power, then reading is your superpower. We say if this statement rings true, then Mansour Tawafi is your modern-day Superman. A serial reader and an advocate for retaining a student’s mindset, Mansour’s success can be attributed to his application of knowledge and resourcefulness. Two lessons that he instinctively picked up early on.

Mansour’s professional career started in a mediocre fashion, a path that most young individuals take today. He found himself on a gap year and taking up full-time work in the retail sector to meet his financial needs. Not surprisingly, the role left this gifted student and high achiever unfulfilled and disinterested. Thankfully, his arduous role in retail was short-lived.

Mansour’s fortune changed when he was introduced to the world of network marketing. While his education had come to a halt prematurely, his self-education journey was just beginning. Mansour was taught early that education could make a man a living, but self-education can lead him to fortunes. He began to lean on his skills as a high academic achiever and a hungry learner as he started to study the direct sales industry. Sparing no time, he got himself acclimated with the intricacies of the business, the compensation plan, how to grow an organisation organically and how to develop the right culture within his team. Mansour began to hone his skills as a leader as he rose to prominence. He found himself leading training sessions and schooling professionals twice his age. A fan favourite, Mansour’s popularity and network marketing success paved the way for him to travel the world, eventually conducting talks on leadership to ten thousand people strong.

Not content and not contained by the fact that he was featured in business from home’s top one hundred earners in MLM, resting at the respectable number twelve position, Mansour’s ambitions grew beyond the direct sales industry. He found inspiration in the shifting landscape of financial technology (fintech). Humbled by its enormity and its future potential, Mansour found his self-education taking a turn. He was now fascinated by blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, decentralised finance and trustless systems that exercised the capacity to run and self-govern without human intervention. He saw this, like many, as a means to bypass corrupt financial institutions. This factor instilled passion and hunger in him to master the industry and become an early player in the field, which he believed would grow exponentially. Inspired, Mansour partnered up with like-minded individuals to set up a software solutions company in the Netherlands that specialised in creating blockchains and developing digital platforms from scratch. Seeing its success, he branched out to open his very own company in London – Techlabs.

A lifelong student, Mansour has always valued education and wanted it to be part of his legacy. He believes that in order to empower and free the individual from leading a subservient life, we must educate them. It is this philosophy alone that led him and his like-minded company to acquire a London based college. Today, you will find Mansour working on building his online e-learning platform, which will make education accessible for the young and old, for the rich and poor. You will also find this budding globe-trotter travelling the world and conducting talks on leadership and the rapidly developing world of fintech. To date, this rising star has covered five continents and over fifty countries and still counting.

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