Manifesting Dream Life Through Hard Work: ItsKavon’s Excellent Mixing Music Skills Are A Solid Proof

“Do or do not. There is no try” – Yoda

We live in a society that likes to have things instantly—streaming movies, instant music downloads, food or grocery delivery in under an hour, and so on—so much so that we can sometimes forget the best and most valuable things in life come from working hard to achieve them.

23 year old music artist’s music journey started 10 years back in his bedroom closet where it all started. From there to today running his own studio business, ItKavon has a thriving business. When Kavon started out, he did it purely out of passion and charged only $5-$10 dollars for a song. With time, his mixing skills started getting better until he decided to make music his career.

He enrolled himself at The Art Institute of Atlanta where he majored in audio & sound production. During his time in Atlanta, Kavon managed to get an internship at a major studio and used that opportunity to make some great contacts.

Throughout, the most important and admirable thing he did was keeping his attitude right. He believes that learning from everything around us is the key to success, which means taking every opportunity as a learning point. Think what can I learn out of this situation or person. To Kavon, every person he met and spoke to was like a new book off a shelf filled with information waiting to be unlocked.

His advice to everyone out there wanting to well in life – ‘Always remain a student; never think you know more than the next man because that stops your mind from taking in new information, and that’s not what you want. Your goal should be to learn something new every day’. He currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

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