Lunar New Year 2021 (South Korea)

The present Doodle praises the principal day of the main month of the lunar schedule—formally beginning the Year of the Ox! Korean New Year, Seollal, marks an opportunity to respect progenitors and anticipate success in the year ahead.

This Lunar New Year points the authority progress out of the Year of the Rat–accepted to be one of consistent change–and into the Year of the Ox, which is generally connected with things moving at an all the more gradual speed. In Korean culture, the bull—representing difficult work, energy, and ripe gather—holds extraordinary importance as one of the creatures that shows up most oftentimes all through the country’s conventional axioms.

The lunar new year is heartily invited with conventional food sources, for example, tteokguk (rice cake soup), yakbap (sweet rice), japchae (glass noodle pan sear), and jeon (flavorful flapjack). Lunar New Year is additionally now and then celebrated with talchum (Korea conventional cover moves), as portrayed in the present Doodle craftsmanship. The Eunyul Talchum and Bukcheong Saja Noreums, both perceived as National Intangible Cultural Properties of Korea, are established in a people conviction that lions have the ability to dismiss underhanded spirits and bring harmony.

So require this year by the horns—here’s to this next lunar cycle being pretty much as solid as a bull!