Lucy & Louis Is Creating Unforgettable Memories for Kids

Kids form their most precious memories at a young age. The first time they go to preschool, the first friends they meet, and the first time they have a haircut are all imprinted on these young and impressionable minds. Lucy & Louis is a hair salon in Canada deeply committed to helping foster lifetime memories that kids will think of fondly once they grow up. Unlike other salons that focus on the act of cutting hair itself, Lucy & Louis has a mission. They want to encourage kids toward the path of self-fulfillment from an early age by creating a lovely, friendly atmosphere for the youngsters.

Lucy & Louis is a business owned by TripleOne, the innovative decentralized company that allows users from across the globe to come together and vote on businesses they’d like to support. By being a product of such an unconventional venture, Lucy & Louis is unique in its own right. Serving boys and girls between the ages of two and 13 years old, the space is a microcosm for child development in a loving environment.

At the venue, kids come to play, get their hair cut, and eat. The model is based around a  subscription so that parents don’t have to worry about making frequent payments or losing time in book-keeping. There are various tiers of subscription where parents can choose how little or how much they want their kids to be entertained at Lucy & Louis.

The thematic evenings here are a major draw for kids. They bring a breath of fresh air and are an incredible place to foster friendships. During the lockdown as an effect of COVID-19, Lucy & Louis poured all of their energy into innovation.

The salon and interactive venue is paving the way for a new type of wholesome entertainment that is not only wonderful for kids, but also allows parents to take a much-needed break.