Leak suggests iPhone 16 series to feature larger batteries and ditch L-shaped design

There are yet more iPhone 16 details to come to light. Recent reports indicate that while the series is anticipated to keep its four-model structure, there will be notable modifications made to the capacity and design of the batteries in each of its versions.

New Battery Designs and Capabilities will Be Introduced with the iPhone 16 Series:

The L-shaped battery design that was first seen in the iPhone 13 series may be dropped for some variants of the iPhone 16 series, according to the leaks. Although the exact cause of this change is yet unknown, it might indicate modifications to the internal design or possibly open the door for new features that need more space.

Don’t worry, power users! Significant increases in battery capacity are suggested by leaks. There are rumors that the iPhone 16 Plus will have a large 4,006mAh battery, while the ordinary iPhone 16 will likely use a 3,561mAh battery. With a massive 4,676mAh battery, the top iPhone 16 Pro Max may be able to last for several days for moderate users. There are currently no details available on the iPhone 16 Pro, which is anticipated to be the most popular model.

Comparing these numbers to the current generation, they are a welcome improvement. The maximum capacity of the Pro Max’s battery is 4,352mAh, compared to 3,279mAh for the regular iPhone 15. If the increases are accurate, there may be noticeable changes in screen time and user experience as a whole.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are still leaks and that anything can change prior to the official release. Apple may choose to continue with the L-shaped design, make changes to the stated capacities, or come up with some completely unexpected battery-related innovations.

According to earlier sources, a significant overhaul of the iPhone 16 series is anticipated, bringing an end to the design trend that began with the iPhone 11 Pro. One of the most notable modifications in this revamp will be the rear camera layout’s switch from diagonal to vertical camera lenses.

It is not anticipated that the Pro Max version will grow considerably in size. The new versions will feature other changes, such as a redesigned button layout that might include capacitive touch buttons, and a camera configuration that is reminiscent of the iPhone X and iPhone 11. Though there are very few details available, there is also speculation that the iPhone 16 Pro will have a periscope camera.