By December 31, 2024, the Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 11 will be retired know more

Microsoft has taken a big step by formally announcing the end of support for its Windows 11 Mail and Calendar apps, with a firm deadline of December 31, 2024. This choice is a component of a larger strategic move to encourage the use of Microsoft’s Outlook application, which is nicely integrated within the Office 365 toolkit.

Outlook will replace the Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 11 users who are used to using them for daily tasks before the deadline. The company intends to encourage current users to make the transition by sending pop-up messages to them, which will expedite the migration process. However, users can choose to disregard these alerts and keep using the Calendar and Mail apps until the designated deadline.

Beginning in 2024, Outlook will be pre-installed as the default mail program on newer Windows 11 devices. With this change, Microsoft hopes to better match the user experience with their overarching goal and streamline it. Microsoft plans to gradually stop providing updates and maintenance for the Mail and Calendar applications as the year goes on, making them essentially outdated by the end of 2024.

It’s important to note that users will stop receiving security updates and bug fixes for the Mail and Calendar applications after the date specified. This highlights how crucial it is to switch to Outlook in order to maintain secure email and calendar functioning.

Outlook is a full of features web application that provides a faster and more intuitive alternative by providing users with a range of additional functions. Outlook has a comprehensive calendar and to-do list function in the “My Day” section in addition to email services. Outlook’s integration of Office programs gives customers a consolidated platform for increased productivity. Moreover, Outlook’s flexibility includes working with external email accounts from companies like Yahoo and Gmail.

Users are encouraged to adopt the new program for a seamless and feature-rich email and calendar experience as Microsoft sets the stage for Outlook to take center stage, according to the tech corporation.