Landon Bonneville – a future gem in the world of MLB

A baseball game brings us a list of talented players from different parts of the country. Being one of the most famous games in the United States, Baseball is played at all levels and ages. If you are having a career as an athlete, you have got a long way to go. Meet Landon Bonneville, who is 16 and is an upcoming gem in the world of MLB. His praiseworthy performance has taken every baseball fan in awe.

Landon Bonneville is a Virginia citizen and is a student of King’s Fork High School at Suffolk. At a very young age, his efforts and talents have amazed the baseball world. He has also played for several teams, including Western Branch Thunder. Besides, he holds a good record and statistics in every team he plays. He is not only highly spirited but also has a real passion for playing baseball at a higher level.

Moreover, he is someone who doesn’t like to remain idle ever. During the summer, you will often find Bonneville playing baseball somewhere. He utilizes the time to get better in practices at his training facility, Coastal Sports Center. He likes to keep himself busy!

He primarily plays as a catcher. Apart from being a catcher, Bonneville also plays as a pitcher. He has had impressive right-handed pitching skills. His rigorous practice sessions have led him to generate a couple of healthy statistical figures. The rate at which Bonneville can throw the baseball is at 82 miles an hour. His curveball speed has reached 71 to 73 miles an hour. Landon plays the game hard, each and every time he steps between the lines!

According to the latest Baseball report, an average baseball player has 2 seconds of POP time (2.00) , whereas Bonneville has an impressive POP of 2-2.02. He also has 4.75 home to first compared to other players who have only 4.3 home to first. These statistical reports clearly state that Bonneville is not an ordinary player. He has the potential to beat other young contenders who are trying to make it to the MLB.

Besides being playing for his summer team, Western Branch Thunder, Landon Bonneville has also played for Team USA three times. He holds a 88.3 percentile in his class of 2022. Like baseball, he shows the same dedication in his studies too. It is undeniable that sooner or later, Bonneville would be sitting in the upper 90 percentile. 

He is also a teenage star in the social media world. Whenever he is on the field, he tends to attract a lot of eyes on him wherever he goes. He has a fan base of more than 1 million followers. Bonneville’s Instagram profile holds more than 27K followers. He uses his Instagram profile with ID @double_nickels55 to provide the latest updates to his followers.

Being passionate about baseball from a young age, Bonneville had met two of his favourite MLB players when he was five. Very few people know that Bonneville loves to paint shoes in his free time. When he met his favorite MLB players back in 2019 (David Wright & Michael Custer), he gifted them customize shoes he created. Bonneville also loves music. Hence, he has planned to join the music business as a secondary career option if baseball doesn’t work out.

Landon Bonneville is the new utility player in the world of baseball. His utmost dedication and hard work will take him to the top one day. The global audience is waiting to see him perform as a baseball player. Being one of the most admired teen baseball players, Landon Bonneville is on his way to make several achievements and amaze his fans through his game of baseball.