If there is one thing we love about this generation is the development of awareness and willingness to go on unconventional paths and reach for their dreams. This generation does not have the word ‘limit’ in their dictionary. It goes for what it wants and achieves the unimaginable. There is no exception to Abby Roberge, the extremely talented comedian that has been hitting headline after headline in the Los Angeles scene and among comedy fans all over the world. He has achieved unfathomable fame and success and is only getting started.

Abby Roberge has now ventured into business together with his partner and co-owner Ari Mannis. They started Melrose Podcast, their podcast that is soon to be a podcast network working with major podcast nationally and Internationally. Melrose Podcasts launched a week before the COVID 19 lockdown and despite the challenges and circumstances that were posed by the pandemic, it has achieved great success. It has gained a huge number of listeners who are absolutely hooked by it. Melrose Podcasts has collaborated with some of the major podcasts in the world such as Call Her Daddy, Barstool Sports, NPR and Freakonomics among so many others. He is doing well with it and we are extremely excited about what he has in store for us.

It is however not a shocker that he has done so well as a businessman considering it is his first major attempt and that too in a short period. Abby Roberge has always been one for big achievements. He is a hardworking entertainer and that quality is seen in any room he walks in. He has appeared in some TV shows such as ABC’s Modern Family and NBC’s Pilot So Close. He has also opened for Bill Burr at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival and toured alongside other big names in the industry such as Bob Saget, Russel Peters and Steve-O. He is an outstanding entertainer and comedian.

Abby Roberge is highly passionate and motivated at what he does which makes it a no brainer that big things are coming for him as both a businessman and entertainer. He has been quoted to say ‘’I have been doing comedy since I was very young and the more time goes by, the more I fall in love with it. There is something magical about being able to put a smile or even a laugh on someone’s face. I enjoy doing it and it gives me fulfilment. I think there is no greater motivator than passion, if you love doing something, you become a force and nothing in this world can stop you.’’

He has won the hearts of nearly every comedy lover. He is easily among the best stand up comedians to watch in Los Angeles and on tour anywhere else. He has toured all over North America and other parts of the world and his shows have been a success, making and retaining fans from all over the world.