Keyvan Ansari’s research on running and singing at the same time

(Running and singing at the same time)

When Beyoncé was 10, she ran on a treadmill while singing to perfect her endurance. Now his personal trainer, Mark Jenkins, was tracking superstars through horrific workouts, such as singing his entire album, while exercising.

Many singers also sing while exercising to improve their health and endurance. But is running and singing good for your voice at the same time?

Fans of this discussion:

Running and singing at the same time will strengthen your body resistance by doing aerobic exercise while singing – if you are on stage, you will dance and sing.

This trains your larynx to be able to move breathing and singing functions effectively.

Singing while doing muscle activity teaches you to stabilize your mind and support your diaphragm.

Your body learns how to withstand and perform better in low oxygen scenarios.

Opponents of this debate:

Running and singing at the same time can make you feel dizzy and light.

By doing this, you are more likely to be harmed because your body’s oxygen concentration is split and the amount of oxygen in your body is depleted through reading.

If you do not use the right technique, you may damage your vocal cords.

If you are a professional runner and you are physically healthy, you should try to read while doing the activity.