Katia Jundi elucidates the importance of leveraging the digital realm to build a successful modelling career

With more and more businesses implementing a digital shift, working on one’s digital strategies and presence has become crucial. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd, especially when the internet has become nothing less than a space of sensation. At such times, maintaining an online presence as an individual or a brand is critical. What has drastically changed is the conventional ways of marketing, since modern-day technologies have taken over. Dubai-based Katia Jundi, a model, social media influencer, and media expert by profession, shares insights on how models need to amplify their digital presence to succeed today.

Jundi, who herself has leveraged the digital space after having realized its reach and importance, strongly believes and suggests that other aspiring models build a strong digital presence. In her opinion, social media can turn fashion models into influential digital creators, with the potential to attract far larger audiences. She adds, “The digital world allows models to augment their identity on an international scale. In today’s times, if models want to succeed and be seen, they should be digitally present, so that they can engage with brands, clients, and followers.” The digital realm presents opportunities to fashion models in a way that they are able to showcase their real personalities and not just their pretty faces, with the rest of the world. All they need to do is take control of their image in the virtual world, build a personal brand, strengthen their relationship with the audience, and constantly engage and grow their digital presence.

Katia rose to fame due to her extensive work with numerous leading brands, including Mercedes Benz, Georg Jensen, and several others. As a brand ambassador, Jundi strongly felt the need to narrate her professional journey, story, and background through social media.

Today, Jundi regularly creates content on different social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook, not just in areas of media or modeling but also in entrepreneurship. Being a passionate art and luxury craft enthusiast, she ensures translating her knowledge of the said field in the digital space for the world to know.

As a piece of advice to upcoming models, Jundi says, “Although supermodels with super-sized fan-base are not new, it’s the age of authentic interactions and credibility that distinguish true talent.” Katia explained that now is the time for young and ambitious fashion models to change the game and improve the industry standards for their own benefits and that of the others.”

The models of today need to master digital media to solidify their personal brand, affirms Jundi. In a bid to make this happen, she continues to mentor and guide others. In the years to come, Jundi shares, she’d like to be remembered as someone who empowered other like-minded individuals.