Julien Simon is one of the most outstanding athletes of recent times, but if we want to know deeply how everything started, we must move back in time. This story begins in Tacoma, a small town in the State of Washington where our protagonist was born and raised.

The youngest one of 3 brothers, Simon was inspired by his parents and older brothers, so he began to practice sports when he was little. According to him, it was something that has always been an important part of his life. His first choice actually was basketball.

Now, he is part of the USC Trojans with a view to being part of a team in the NFL once he graduates from college. However, this process has not always been so easy, as a soon-to-be professional football player, Simon has a strict schedule to accomplish every day, training about 5 days a week for long periods, and for most of the time they train twice a day, describing it as a full-time job. Furthermore, he works with his trainer back at home for speed training.

If you ask, how can he balance his training sessions, studies and family life, his answer is simple, he told us he just finds time to do all the things, being able to balance everything out, also saying that sports taught him all the time many key values like, perseveration, discipline and many more.

The final message from Julien Simon to the youth is that they don’t necessarily need to follow his steps, they just have to look his path and be the best as possible in anything that you love, and when we asked what he will do after his football career, he is planning to work in communication or maybe entrepreneurship.

Definitely, an inspiring story that reminds us how important is giving all our passion, perseverance and effort to reach our goals and leaving our landmarks to inspire future generations to build a better world.