Jamal Taleb – Helping people to connect through Bond App

A person on his way to transforming strangers into a friend.

It would be unbelievable if you could just take your phone and unlock an app where you will be proffered the chance to connect with people in case you are feeling low or depressed. Seldom even after surrounding by multitudinous peeps, we find an urge of companionship. Bond App is just made for you guys to roll on and savor the company online as well as offline.

Jamal Taleb is an engineer, investor, broker, real estate marketer, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of the Bond app which is made with the object to push people to connect and relish. He has elite engineering skills and incredible insight into investing. Being a post graduator in Engineering from Northeastern University and applying the reverse engineering technique, he came up with the bond app. Having the passion to establish himself as the leading entrepreneur, he initiated a broker firm entitled ‘Taleb Realty Inc’. He firmly believes in contributing proficiency and security to his clients. Persistent attempts and incredible accomplishments backed him to be highlighted in Forbes and other news articles along with upholding the Masonic record of being the youngest Freemason who served as the Maser of Massachusetts.

Bond App being a social floor breaks the ice on spot. He permits its user to connect with their loved ones as well as with strangers to diminish the gap between them. Unlike other social media apps, the Bond app lets you invite a person who is in the range of 200-250 feet thus ignoring the fake connections and insincere tactics. It furnishes you with an opportunity to verify the connection since they are available few miles away and even you can start an offline relation. The app takes the help of the hotspots and location to show you plausible connections. The intention behind making such apps to allow people to live close to their loved ones and find someone with the same interest digitally.

Grabbing huge users in few days of its launch is evident that the app is winning the hearts and loyalty of users. Jamal Taleb undoubtedly created something unique and much-demanded application which has fascinated the audience big time.

Visit www.bond.app to experience the app.