Jacob Salem’s Wife is the Pillar of his Palace

The very famous quote that “behind every successful man, there is a woman” holds true for Jacob Salem as well. He, today, is the founder and CEO of EZMetrics, a firm that spins around Digital Marketing. It gives him immense gratification and delight to help other businesses grow online and manifest their dream goals. Jacob Salem’s wife, Lauren, has been that special woman who has played a key role in bringing him to the position of this charm. However, there is a slight change in the context of the quote. For Jacob Salem, the quote goes like this: “behind every successful man there is not a woman, she is beside him, with him and not behind him.

Lauren has always gone hand in hand with Jacob Salem. It’s for her that Jacob Salem gets motivated and thrilled towards his work. After the hustle, he knows where his home is and that is right in his wife’s arms. He knows where his peace lies. Jacob Salem is a family man who loves spending quality time with his daughters and wife. He also brings forward this side of his life on social media to influence people to not forget their roots and spend time with their dear ones. In the end, it’s the people who matter to us and our efforts to keep them close to us.

Jacob Salem started out with Lauren in 2014 and got married to her in 2016. He has always dreamt of a pure and poise life with his wife. He has a very frank and filterless bond with Lauren. He attended a conference with her in 2015 and assured her that one day he would be on that stage, making her heart explode with pride. He stood by his words and dedicated himself completely to creating a fulfilling lifestyle for himself and his family. He acknowledges his journey, the plethora of skills he has learned, and the networks he has built, but he does not fail to express his appreciation to his wife. He regards his family as one of the driving factors behind his accomplishments. He attributes his success to Lauren’s unwavering support and encouragement, without which he would not have been able to persevere. He regards her as his actual backbone and considers himself tremendously fortunate to have met her and live his dreams.

Jacob Salem always has his family’s best interests at heart and goes out of his way to make them happy. Lauren, his wife, has played an important role in his life journey, and he will always enjoy her presence and provide her the respect she deserves because his life would be incomplete without her.