Jack Skipp on Why You Must Trust Your Instinct

Sometimes in life, the road we believe we were born to travel leads to an abrupt dead-end. At such a time, we often find ourselves doing the dramatic u-turn and heading in a completely different direction. Entrepreneur and YouTuber Jack Skipp is a perfect case in point.

“I’ve always been a big believer that in life, you need to listen to that inner voice and trust your gut extinct,” explains this British-born finance whizz. “Too many people never get to realize their dreams and labor their whole long life under the weight of society’s and other people’s expectations of them. I believe there are crucial turning points in life when you’ve got to throw caution to the wind, take a gamble and follow your passion.”

Skipp has firsthand experience of breaking out of the mold that fate often casts for us. Growing up in Guilford, Britain, Skipp was determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an aviator.

Skipp said, “Growing up with a father who was a pilot had a certain romance to it, and I used to dream as a young boy of taking to the skies myself, and so I set about making that dream a reality.”

After graduating from college, where he studied Business, IT, and Financial Studies, Skipp made the big decision to pack up his bags and make the trip across the pond to study all things related to flight at San Diego’s American Aviation Academy.

Skipp recalled, “I spent three years learning how to become a Commercial Pilot, but somewhere along the way, I realized my heart was no longer in it. I finished the course and came to a crossroads. On the one hand, I had invested a great deal of time and money in becoming a pilot, but on the other hand, my thoughts and ambitions laid elsewhere.”

That ‘elsewhere’ was in the world of business, particularly in the finance sector. Digging deep into what he would find was his natural flair for entrepreneurship, Skipp gravitated toward YouTube, where he has carved a hugely successful niche for himself as someone who advises over 85k subscribers about investments, traditional markets, commodities, and cryptocurrency.

Skipp says, “I realized that not only did I enjoy investing and creating wealth, but also sharing my expertise and knowledge with family and friends as well. This led me to YouTube, where I could share my insights with the world.”

With new subscribers signing up to Skipp’s YouTube channel daily, it seems the world agrees that Jack Skipp made the right choice to become a pilot of his own destiny.