Iranian entrepreneur, Sinan Ezam explains about different kinds of stock exchanges

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Types of the stock market:

Hence, the markets are often classified into the following three general categories.

1- commodities market

The exchange is the market within which certain goods are traded and regularly and permanently active. Raw materials and raw materials are usually sold on the commodities exchange. Each exchange is called after the commodity being traded, just like the oil exchange and the wheat exchange.

2- Currency exchange

As its name implies, buying and selling foreign currencies is completed in the currency exchange. This stock market is not active in our country, but it’s significant in developed countries.

3- securities market

Financial assets like stocks, participation bonds, and exchanges are traded. In Iran, the demand for getting and selling securities, which is formally and permanently formed during a particular place, is termed “stock exchange,” but during this article, for short, we call it stock market or exchange.