Many would argue with what “Home” means to them. It’s essentially a very touching subject for a lot. That is our comfort, our motivation and our pride. With how interconnected the world is today, home is defined in so many ways now. Travelling is no longer a luxury that we get to enjoy when we have a lot of money. Before the pandemic, It’s like taking a cab across the street. Travelling made the world their home. Therefore, sometimes we would feel much at home when we’re sitting on a beach enjoying a bonfire with close friends in our home town or in an exotic place. Some feel like home in a country they never grew up in and perhaps some are those who really feel like home in the comforts of their own home. 

Our definition of what home seems to be very diverse. It’s based on a feeling. Feeling of security, comfortability and compassion. Singer-songwriter Daniel Philip talks about longing to go home for years being away while feeling like home in a different country with his song “Home”. It’s a love letter to his family in Canada. He wrote the composition a year and a half ago, published it on Spotify but took it off as he felt it was too personal to share. That showcases him as an artist in his very vulnerable state. Daniel is very close with his family growing up. A very hands on and involved brother, son and friend to a lot. However, he had to travel at a very young age to discover himself. To know his purpose and to live and love life.

There are various occasions that he wasn’t deeply involved in his family’s life anymore. Being away for four years has its ups and downs as he would describe it. There were so many adversities in business, life and relationships that he had to deal with. Although this is the case, he added that he still felt like home regardless. 

I remember thinking of the lyrics and how it was so emotional for me to write. I had to think through very deeply what I wanted to say to them in those four years that I was away. I run a global company so travelling has been a tremendous part of my life. I also do enjoy it and have met so many people along the way that I call family. I left home pretty early so there’s so many things I wanted to say.” – Daniel Philip

He also added;

There’s even a message for my brother written on the second verse. Showing how proud I am that in four years, he has become a respectable man. He grew up fast and is extremely knowledgeable in so many things. He showcased his maturity in the early stages of his life. I also feel for my sister who’s currently in a relationship with a young lad and how I should’ve been there to sit him down and ask his real intentions with my sister who I love dearly. Moments like that I wanted to be involved in and so the song is a message to my family telling them how proud and happy I am and the longing to be with them” – Daniel Philip

Daniel was very candid of what music is to him and what the value it gives in his life. The Indie artist is not looking towards solely focusing on music anytime soon as he deeply feels it’s an outlet for him to peel off layers and disconnect with the world for a moment. It’s an art reflecting moments of his life that showcases him as different individuals. Different layers and different sides of him. He runs a global company and that is his bread and butter. Music is just a sideline. When asked what his advice to young aspiring musicians out there that’s completely focusing on music, this is what he had to say;

Get a good paying job then work on your passion. It’s a great character to jump right in when you feel it’s what you want to do but be responsible and know what you need.”- Daniel Philip

His approach with music is definitely different from all indie artists out there. His understanding of the art gives him an identity which a lot of eccentric individuals resonates with. He is very straight with the fact that he doesn’t wanna fit into a genre. He doesn’t wanna box himself with art. His single “Home” is astonishly pure and heartwarming. The kind of music that gives your soul electrifying energy and different perspective. As for Daniel, home is where the heart is. Definitely worth listening to. Check out all of his other tracks on Spotify.