Inauguration of Bengaluru Airport’s ‘Terminal in Garden’ by PM Modi | 5 points

This is the first terminal of its kind in a garden. According to an official, it will have greenery both inside and outside and will be a visual delight unlike any other in the world.

The newly constructed terminal 2 of the Karnataka Airport was opened by the prime minister on Friday. A $5,000 crore investment was made to create the new terminal. With its fresh layout, it resembles a garden where passengers are welcomed by luscious flora. There will be trees hanging from the ceiling and a garden that passengers must pass through.

Here are 5 details about the new terminal to be aware of.

The terminal occupies an area of 2,55,645 square metres in total. It will have 22 contact gates, 15 bus gates, 95 check-in options, and 17 security check lanes in its initial phase.

  1. There will be nine hand luggage inspections by customs. There will be 5,932 seats in the gate lounge.
  2. T-2’s Phase 1 can accommodate 25 million passengers annually.
  3. According to an airport official, the Terminal-2 was constructed using the four guiding principles of sustainability, “Terminal in a Garden,” technology and innovation, and Karnataka-specific art and culture.
  4. This terminal in a garden is the first of its kind. It will be a green space both inside and out.According to an official, it would have vegetation inside and out and be a visual joy unmatched anywhere else in the globe.