In partnership with Airtel, Google offers cloud and GenAI products in India

The second-biggest telecom company in India, Airtel, announced on Monday that it has partnered with Google Cloud for an extended period of time to create and provide cloud and generative AI solutions to Indian companies.

The partnership seeks to access Airtel’s large customers, which comprises a million start-up companies and 2,000 major corporations, as per the company’s statement. The businesses intend to provide AI solutions, such as generative AI, which Airtel will train with a large amount of data.

Through their partnership, Airtel and Google Cloud will offer businesses services and solutions including market analysis, asset tracking, site selection, risk management, geospatial analytics, and location intelligence for trend detection.

Voice analytics for language conversational apps and marketing technology to predict customer behavior, segment audiences, and accelerate content production with contextual advertisements are also in the works. According to Airtel, it has established a managed service center in Pune with over 300 “experts” working there to offer assistance.

Tech giants In an effort to profit on the enormous amounts of data produced by the telecoms sector’s billions of users globally, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are focusing more and more on the sector. All three companies have agreements with telecom providers worldwide, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Additionally, the companies are making a strong effort to market their generative AI solutions to corporations worldwide.

Google has previously made a commitment to invest up to $1 billion in the Indian carrier Airtel by the year 2022. The largest carrier in India, Jio Platforms, has also received support from the search engine giant. Jio and Microsoft have a similar long-standing relationship, with the Indian telecom offering Office 365 and Azure as cross-sells to nearby companies.

The financial details of the agreement were kept a secret by Google and Airtel.

The partnership represents “a significant milestone” in Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s desire to drive cloud and AI adoption in India, as stated by the developer of Android.