‘I’m being mocked by the internet’, Rashmika Mandanna says on being ‘hated’ for not watching Kantara

Rashmika Mandanna is tired of the constant negativity and hatred she receives online through no fault of her own. She has written a lengthy note about it on Instagram.

Rashmika Mandanna, an actress, is finally speaking out against the online abuse she receives for no apparent reason. The actor is frequently trolled and mocked on social media, and she has written a lengthy note about it on Instagram.

She starts by saying she should have addressed the negative reports, trolling years ago. “A couple of things have been bothering me for the last few days, weeks, months, or even years, and I think it’s time I addressed them.” I’m just speaking for myself, which I should have done years ago. I’ve been the target of a lot of vitriol since I began my career. “I’m a punching bag for a lot of trolls and negativity out there,” she wrote.


“I know that the life I’ve chosen has a cost—I understand that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and I certainly don’t expect to be loved by everyone out there.” That doesn’t mean you can spew negativity instead because you don’t like me. Only I know how much effort I put in every day to keep you all happy. What I care about most is the joy you derive from my work. “I’m really doing my best to put out things that both you and I are proud of,” she added.

Rashmika stated that seeing what is said and written about her breaks her heart. “It’s heartbreaking and, to be honest, quite demoralising when I’m ridiculed and mocked by the internet, especially for things I haven’t said.” I’ve discovered that bits and pieces of what I’ve said in interviews are being used against me. False narratives are being spread across the internet, which can be extremely damaging to me and the relationships I have in and outside of the industry,” she wrote.

“I welcome constructive criticism because it will only push me to do better and improve.” But what’s with all the venomous negativity and hatred? I’ve been told to ignore it for a long time. But things have only gotten worse. I’m not trying to win anyone over by addressing it. “I don’t want to be forced to change as a person because of the hatred I keep receiving,” she added.

Rashmika also admitted that she appreciates the love she receives. “That being said, I recognise and appreciate all of the love I’ve received from the rest of you.” Your unending love and support have kept me going and given me the courage to say this. I only have love for the people I’ve worked with thus far, all of whom I’ve always admired. I will keep working hard to do better for you. Because, as I previously stated, making you happy makes me happy. Everyone should be considerate. “We’re all doing our best,” she said at the end of her post.

Kantara appears to be reacting to all of the trolling she received for her recent comment about Kannada. She was recently spotted at an airport, where she was asked if she had seen the film. When she replied that she hadn’t, she was bombarded with comments accusing her of disrespecting her seniors and ‘forgetting her roots.’ Kantara’s debut film, Kirik Party, was directed by Rishab Shetty.

Many celebrities and fans expressed their support for her in the comments section of her post. “The love comes from those who aspire to be like you.” Hate comes from those who will never be able to. You be yourself! Dulquer Salmaan commented, “You are amazing.”

Others advised her to respect Kannada culture. “Yea, never forget who brought you into the industry and respect the language you debuted in.” “#kannada #rakshithshetty,” said another. “If you can’t handle stardom and trolling (side effects of fame), get a 9-to-5 job.” Nobody cares about you there. Another comment said, “We’re hiring.”

Rashmika was most recently seen in Amitabh Bachchan’s Hindi film Goodbye. She will appear in Animal alongside Ranbir Kapoor and in a web series alongside Shahid Kapoor.