I work until it’s done – American Journalist Luis Jorge Rios shares his work methodology

How do successful people accomplish so much with the same amount of time as everyone else? It’s easy to be envious of those who seem to achieve a lot, effortlessly. Luis Jorge Rios is one of those achievers who know how to convert aspirations into achievements. Rios is a combat veteran who served ten years in the US Army before graduating with a degree in counter-terrorism and is now a highly lauded award-winning journalist. Rios knows how to get things done; here, he shares his coveted work methodology. 

Work Until It’s Done 

If you took the time to start a task, then you owe it to yourself to finish it. Your time is a precious commodity, and you can achieve anything if you respect it and devote yourself to the task at hand until it’s done. Without a plan B in place, you motivate yourself to stick to your desired goal.

Use Time blocks

Time blocking is a priceless time management method. Creating time blocks involves dividing your day into functional blocks of time. Each block is dedicated to accomplishing a specific task. Having time blocked in advance means that you won’t have to decide what to focus on at the start of your day; you will be ready to work.


Technological advances have given us endless apps and methods for managing and scheduling our time. Unfortunately, the same technology can also be responsible for sapping our precious time. When you have a task to accomplish and a deadline to meet, unplugging from your phone and virtual communication can give you the headspace to finish what you have started. Even just muting non-work-related notifications can help to keep your attention from straying too far.

Overall, Rios believes that understanding how you work best and what tools you need to complete every task efficiently will immediately bring you closer to any goal you are trying to reach. Luis Jorge Rios has already achieved more than most people could hope to in several lifetimes, and so his work methodology is worth emulating.